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Overview Infographic: In Q3-21 Apple was #2 Globally in Smartphone Volume Shipments

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Every quarter Counterpoint publishes an infographic to summarize smartphone market activities in a single page. Today they published their infographic for Q3-21. Below are a few of Counterpoint's key observations for Q3-21:  


  • The global smartphone market grew 6% QoQ but declined 6% YoY in Q3 2021, clocking shipments of 342 million units, down from 365.6 million in Q3 2020.
  • Samsung retained the number one spot in Q3 2021 with its smartphone shipments increasing 20% QoQ to 69.3 million units.
  • Appleā€™s global shipments increased by about 15% YoY to 48 million units in Q3 2021 driven by persistent demand for the iPhone 12 series and the launch of iPhone 13 series.
  • Xiaomi shipped 44.4 million units in Q3 2021, down 5% YoY and 15% QoQ as it was severely hit by the ongoing component shortages.
  • realme achieved its highest ever shipments with 16.2 million units in Q3 2021. The record quarter came at a time when component shortages were at their peak.


Counterpoint Part 1 (Click on image to Enlarge)



Counterpoint Part 2 (Click on image to Enlarge

3. Part 2 - Counterpoint global smartphone market share Q3-21


Statistical reports such as Counterpoint's are solely based on "volume" of shipments which doesn't tell the full story. For instance, while we don't have stats for Q3 yet, we reported last month that for Q2-21 Apple crushed their competition by capturing 75% of Global smartphone market operating profit.


Further, Apple accomplishes this feat with just a handful of smartphone models whereas Samsung currently sells dozens of smartphone models and for 2022 they aim to release 52 models.


For Samsung, it's about volume to keep them in the top position whereas Apple aims to make the very best products with high margins that helps them secure component orders within the supply chain to keep shipments humming the best they can.


So, who is the true number one smartphone maker in the world? That's pretty obvious, unless you're hung up on volume stats alone.


To review Counterpoint's "Feature Phone" stats and infographic click here.


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