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Mark Gurman's latest newsletter points to Apple hiring a new member for their Mixed Reality Headset team, more store closures +

1 HMD- cover rendition of apple prototype

The Power On Newsletter posted by Mark Gurman today covered a range of topics from an overview of Apple's services playing a major role for the company and more store closures due to COVID-19.


For services, Gurman floats the idea that Apple should "throw in a few free rentals a month with a TV+ subscription. That could solve the back catalog problem and make the monthly fee more valuable." While that's not likely to happen, it would make a lot of Apple TV+ subscribers happier, including myself.


Though there was one tidbit of information from the newsletter worth covering and that was Gurman being told by a close source that Apple had hired Andrea Schubert, Director of Communications, Augmented Reality and Research at Reality Labs [Meta].


Gurman reports: "Next year is when we’re likely to see Apple’s first major new product category in seven years: a powerful and pricey mixed-reality headset. Ahead of that launch, Apple is starting to get its ducks in a row. I’m told the company has hired Andrea Schubert, Meta Platforms Inc.’s communications and public relations head for its augmented reality efforts. Meta, with Oculus, has been the market leader in headsets, so such a hire makes sense as Apple nears its launch."


Below is Schubert's LinkedIn Profile header that still lists Meta as her employer. We'll update this report if and when this LinkedIn profile changes and presents her new position at Apple. That could take several days or several weeks to be made public. 


2 LinkedIn Meta Researcher profile header


Lastly, on Thursday a total of 8 Apple Stores were closed in the U.S. and Canada. Today Gurman added two more store closures, with both in Ohio (the Crocker Park store and Eton).


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