A Major Gaze-Tracking Patent published last week was written by one of Apple's Mixed Reality, Computer Vision Superstars
Apple TV+ has Reportedly won a heated auction with Netflix for a Detective TV series titled 'Sugar' starring Colin Farrell

Apple TV+ Releases the Official Season-3 Trailer for "Servant" which looks really Intense

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A year ago Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple TV+ Signs on M. Night Shyamalan's 'Servant' for Season 3. Today Apple released the official trailer for season three and it looks intense. The series returns on January 21.


Picking up three months after the end of Season 2, the Turner household is trying to return to a normal life. Still, the threat of the cult that made its presence felt in the previous season's finale makes this an impossibility as Dorothy's paranoia begins to mount as Sean offers food to squatters in a nearby park, who Dorothy believes might be "casing the place." The trailer shows off decaying bodies, pest infestations, and is capped off with Leanne telling Sean that it wasn't God who brought back his son, Jericho, to which he can only reply "Then who did?"



Invasion – Creating the Aliens


Last week Apple released a special video on the creation of the Alien creatures on the Sci-Fi Series "Invasion." Before presenting the video, I wanted to watch the season finale first. While the Alien created for the series may have been unique, the storyline was too scattered with long drawn out scenes that were boring most of the time. Will season two create a more intense storyline? Only time will tell.


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