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Apple Files for the Figurative Trademark Representing 'Apple Digital Master' while winning a Design Patent for iPhone 13 Pro

1 cover iPhone 13 Pro  Design Patent report +


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Apple has filed for the figurative trademark representing 'Apple Digital Master' in both the U.S. and Hong Kong. In addition, Apple was granted a design patent for the iPhone 13 Pro model in Hong Kong on Friday.  


Apple files for the Figurative Trademark Representing 'Apple Digital Master'


3 Apple Digital Master TM Filing


Apple has filed for the figurative trademark representing Apple Digital Master under applications 97133106 and 97133107 in the U.S. late last month, with one of the applications presented below in-part. Apple also filed for this trademark in Hong Kong under application 305810201.


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2 XF -  one of two tm application-in part for Apple Digital Master


Apple filed for this trademark under International Classes 009 and 041 for both the U.S. and Hong Kong as presented below:


Class 009: "Computer software and computer software development tools to control and improve audio quality of sound and music recordings; computer software and computer software development tools for processing digital music files; computer software for use in digitalizing, authoring, downloading, transmitting, receiving, editing, playing, storing, and encoding audio files; computer software to enable users to program and distribute audio files via communications networks; audio recordings featuring music and artistic performances; audio processing equipment, namely limiters and compressors; computer software for computer data processing, data storage, file management and database management."


Class 041: "Audio engineering services, namely mixing, recording, reproducing, manipulating, and equalizing sound and music recordings; providing consulting and information services concerning audio and music production; providing audio and music production services; entertainment services, namely providing prerecorded audio content, information and commentary in the field of music on-line via a global computer network; entertainment services, namely recording, production, and post-production services in the field of music."


Apple's Specimen


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) defines a specimen as being an example of how a company is actually using their trademark in the marketplace with the goods or services in their application. It's what consumers see when they are considering whether to purchase goods or subscribe to services that Apple provides in connection with their trademark.


The Specimen presented below is the specimen that Apple provided USPTO with in their application for the Figurative trademark representing Apple Digital Master.


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4 x Apple's Speciment to USPTO


Trying to find a clean definition of Apple Digital Master vs Apple Digital Masters wasn't as easy as I thought. A clean definition was found on the site of UK's Vasconic as presented below which states that "Apple Digital Master" is a "mastering standard."


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5 Apple Digital Master standard


Apple's trademark docket also presented USPTO's "Official Notice of Design Code" covering the new trademark as follows:


Design Search Codes Assigned:


26.05.02 - Plain single line triangles

26.05.02 - Triangles, plain single line

26.05.13 - Triangles,

26.05.13 - Two triangles

26.05.16 - Triangles touching or intersecting


USPTO informed Apple: "Design search codes are numerical codes we assign to the prominent features of your mark's design. We call these features "design elements." A design element can be any component of your mark that is not a word, such as a depiction of a star or a flower. Assigning design search codes to your mark helps us more effectively search our database for marks that may conflict with yours. Design search codes have no legal significance and will not appear on the registration certificate."


Hong Kong: iPhone 13 Pro Design Patent


Yesterday, the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple design patent number 2118727.7 for iPhone 13 Pro. Apple filed their design patent under Locarno Classifications 14-01, 02 and 03. Class 14-01 covers "Equipment for the recording or reproduction of sounds and pictures; 14-02 covers "Data Processing Equipment as well as Peripheral Apparatus and Devices; and 14-03 covers "Telecommunications Equipment, wireless remote controls and radio amplifiers.


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6 iPhone 13 design patent Hong Kong Dec 2021

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7 Design patent iPhone 13 Hong Kong 2021 Dec

Hong Kong Patent & Trademark Office Registration Form In-Part


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8 Hong Kong Patent Office form in-part for iPhone 13 design patent


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