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The Leader of a Protest Movement at Apple is leaving the company after a private settlement

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On October 15, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Reportedly Dismissed another Employee for making Internal Matters Public which is against Company Policy." On November 2 we posted a follow-up report titled "Fired Apple employee Janneke Parish filed a complaint with the U.S. National Labor Relations board." Today, another Apple employee by the name of Cher Scarlett who created a protest movement within the company over pay transparency and other workplace issues, is leaving Apple after reaching a settlement.


Scarlett wouldn’t provide details about the settlement, but her lawyer said she is requesting a withdrawal of her complaints filed with the National Labor Relations Board as part of the agreement. Scarlett filed charges related to concerns over pay equity, and has also complained about a lack of remote work policies.


"The matter was settled privately and the request for withdrawal is pending before the board," Scarlett’s lawyer, Alek Felstiner, told Bloomberg News. "We hope the crucial organizing work at Apple will continue." For more on this read the full Bloomberg report on BNN Bloomberg.


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