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Apple has so far avoided the worst outcome in its U.S. legal battle with Epic Games, but its antitrust woes remain. In the last several months the U.S. Department of Justice has accelerated its two-year-old antitrust probe of the iPhone maker, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation, increasing the likelihood of a lawsuit.


Since summer, there has been a flurry of activity on the investigation as DOJ lawyers have asked Apple and its customers and competitors questions about how the company maintains its strict control over the iPhone, the people said. That includes a new round of subpoenas sent to Appleā€™s business partners over the summer, according to sources.


The Information claims that the investigation is very "likely to lead to a lawsuit, though the specifics are still in flux," according to the report.


On another legal front, Apple's patent battle with Corephotonics, dating back to 2018 over dual lens cameras, went Apple's way today. The U.S. Court of Appeals has affirmed a previous Patent and Trademark Office decision in a patent lawsuit against Apple, handing the Cupertino tech giant a win, according to AppleInsider.


Corephotonics had stated that Apple infringed on their "Miniature Telephoto lens assembly." With the ruling going their way, Apple may decide to proceed with a folded lens of their own design while working with LG Innotek.


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Last week we reported that LG had successfully nullified Corephotonics folded camera patent in South Korea by the local patent board in August which paved the way for LG Innotek to work with Apple on their next-gen camera lens. 


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