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Last week Apple's Former Chief Design Officer Jony Ive Reflected on the Tenth Anniversary of Steve Jobs Passing and more. Today a report by Wallpaper revealed that Jony Ive’s LoveFrom unveiled official website. members of the team including Ive, legendary art director Peter Saville, and Chris Wilson and Antonio Cavedoni, both former members of the Apple design team. The site is as intriguing as it is declarative, opening with a simple wordmark, and followed by a brief text described as ‘a concise and finely crafted definition of the LoveFrom collective and its work.’


Both the wordmark and ensuing text are set in a new typeface, LoveFrom Serif, which is inspired by John Baskerville’s letterforms and based on studies of his original punches and matrices. From this basis, the design team created an expanded type family with flexible, scalable digital faces in multiple weights and optical sizes. ‘Each character has been lovingly redrawn, refined and meticulously crafted over the past two years,’ explains the collective in an accompanying press release.



It would appear that LoveFrom's new website is far from complete. There's no contact information or anything beyond its initial message. The collective added, ‘We look forward to continuing the conversation about our work, our team and our creative process.’ For more, read the full Wallpaper* report.


Two weeks ago, Exor, Ferrari and LoveFrom announced a creative partnership.


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