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1 x COVER FINAL - Breaking the Spell


Since the return of Pat Gelsinger to Intel in February of this year, he's been on the war path with Apple, especially focused on PC vs. MacBook laptops with the powerful M1 processor which wildly outperforms PC's on certain tasks.


In March, Intel launched their first attack on Apple with a series of ads. They actually paid the same actor who mocked Microsoft in Apple's 'Get a Mac' campaign that ran from 2006 to 2009 to now mock Apple. 


With Apple now preparing to launch their newly designed next-gen MacBook Pro with a next-gen M1 processor, Intel has released a new attack ad titled "breaking the Spell" as presented below. 



I personally own both Apple and PC products as each have their strengths. Other Apple fans and pros like iJustine  use PC's at times, so insulting Apple fans isn't exactly a bright move. 


Note: 99% of our cover graphic is from the Intel video. Patently Apple added the red arrow and note that reflects what Intel is insinuating with the title of their ad.  


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