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1 x cover M1 Pro  Max TM report


Apple introduced their new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors that power their newly designed MacBook Pro models that were revealed at a special event on Monday. That very day Apple legal filed for the trademarks for these chips. Interestingly the M1 chip filings had multiple entries relating to their future Headsets and Smartglasses. Trademarks for these chips have yet to surface in the U.S. or Hong Kong. In addition, Apple legal filed for the 'AirTag' trademark in Europe on Tuesday.


M1 Pro, M1 Max


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2 - x M1 PRO  MAX


Apple filed both M1 Pro and M1 Max under the same International Class 009 with the same verbiage, that in-part is presented below. Patently Apple highlighted Apple's multiple entries for the processor relating to future "HMD" products in red text.


Class 009: "Computers; computer hardware; wearable computer hardware; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; telephones; mobile telephones; smart phones; wireless communication devices for the transmission of voice, data, images, audio, video, and multimedia content; network communication apparatus; handheld digital electronic devices capable of providing access to the internet and for the sending, receiving, and storing telephone calls, electronic mail, and other digital data;  computer peripheral devices; peripheral devices for computers, mobile telephones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smart watches, smartglasses, earphones, headphones, set top boxes, and audio and video players and recorders; wearable computer peripherals; wearable peripherals for use with computers, mobile telephones; mobile electronic devices, smart watches, smart glasses, televisions, set top boxes, and audio and video players and recorders; monitors, display screens, head mounted displays, and headsets for use with computers, smart phones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smart watches, smart glasses, televisions, and audio and video players and recorders; smart glasses; 3D spectacles; optical apparatus and instruments," and more."  


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3 EU - AirTag TM filing


Apple legal also filed for AirTag in Europe under International Classes 25 and 28 as follows:


Class 25: "Clothing, footwear, headgear."


Class 28: "Toys; games and playthings; exercise and fitness machines and equipment; playing cards; electronic hand-held game units; computer games, video games, and computer and video game apparatus, other than coin operated or those adapted for use with television receivers."


You have to wonder why Apple placed so much emphasis on AirTag related to games?


It should be noted that International trademark classes that Apple files their trademarks under are important as the trademark registration will only protect those classes that have been identified in their original application. In a legal battle, the classes filed for originally could make or break a legal case.


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