Apple has been Granted Four Design Patents for the new Beats Studio Buds Case
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Apple has been Granted Three additional Design Patents for their new Beats Studio Buds

1 cover Beats Studio Buds design patent report part 2


Beats announced their all-new Beats Studio Buds in a completely new form factor from their previous designs back on June 14. On Friday Oct. 10, the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple four design patents for the Beats Studio Buds case that was covered in a report yesterday. Today our report covers an additional three granted design patents for the buds alone.  



Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Beats Studio Buds


On Friday Apple was granted three design patents for Beats Studio Buds under numbers 2118231.4M001, .4M002 and .4M003. As you'll note below there wasn't any reference to "Beats" in the granted patent verbiage and the Beats logo "b" was nowhere to be found, which caused a temporary issue when setting our graphics yesterday.


Below are the patent figures from the full design patent presented in 2118231.4M001. Full meaning every aspect of the buds are protected in this particular patent.


25.5X multiple images to enlarge


2 new AirPods Pro 2 design
2 new AirPods Pro 2 design
2 new AirPods Pro 2 design
2 new AirPods Pro 2 design
2 new AirPods Pro 2 design


With Apple's .4M001 design patent above covering the entirety of the Beats Studio buds design, two additional design patents were also granted that adds additional but partial design coverage that Apple has outlined in in black line art. All grey segments don't carry the added protection.


7 - 2 addtional design patents for beats studio buds


Hong Kong Patent office Granted ("Registered) Design Patent Form


Below is the primary design patent form in-part that is associated with Apple's design patent issued by the Hong Kong Patent Office on Friday. The form doesn't reference Beats or present the branding/logo "b" associated with the final product. Apple's design patent expires on June 22, 2026.  


8 Hong Kong Granted Patent form in-part for earbuds


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