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Apple Announces Tech Talk 2021 designed to support Apple Developers Worldwide

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Today, Apple has announced new Tech Talks 2021 that will be held between October 25 through to December 17. Developers will be able to explore how they could create best-in-class apps and learn more about the latest updates to Apple APIs and technologies.


Developers will also be able to connect with Apple experts in over 100 live online sessions and over 1,500 available office hour appointments. Lastly, developers will be able to dive into technical content, get their questions answered, and request a meeting for special one-on-one guidance.


Apple notes that select sessions will be available in Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish. Appointments are available in local time and language for Japan and Korea, and in local time for several regions.


To register for sessions or request office hour appointments, you must be a current member of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program.


For more details, see Apple's Tech Talk 2021 webpage here.


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