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YouTuber iJustine Interviews Apple's CEO about the California Streaming Event, the iPad mini, Fitness+ and AR and more

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After Apple California Streaming event, YouTuber iJustine was able to interview Apple's CEO Tim Cook to talk about the new products just released from iPad mini to Apple Watch and a lot of time spent on Apple Fitness+ and AR.


One question from iJustine was, "What kind of big picture scenario do you this kind of fitting into people's lives in the future?" Cook's response: You know I am so excited about AR. I think AR is one of these very few profound technologies that we'll look back on one day and say, how did we live our lives without it." Although Apple is dabbling in it today on Apple devices, Cook added "I can't wait for it to be even more important in collaboration and so forth. I'm AR fan number one. I think it's that big."


Cook has been talking about this for years and hopefully we'll begin to actually see something major on this front late next year.



While referred to as a YouTuber, iJustine is a long-time, well respected Apple community personality and content creator. 


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