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Google Announces a few updates to their Apps on Apple's iOS and iPadOS 15

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iOS 15 is here — and with it, many new features to improve your favorite Google apps.


Fewer Interruptions when you use Focus Mode


If you’re someone who gets non-stop notifications throughout the day, we bet you’ll enjoy the new Focus mode on iOS. Focus mode is really useful when you’re trying to get work done, study or just need a digital break. Google has updated Google apps to work with Focus mode and make notifications as relevant and timely as possible.


For example, if you’re navigating somewhere with Google Maps, Google will still let you know when you need to make a turn or if there are changes to your route — like road closures or unexpected traffic. Focus mode won’t silence these helpful, timely reminders.


Similarly, the Google Home app will let you know if there’s an unfamiliar face at your door. And if you set a reminder in Google Tasks that’s linked to a specific time, like "take the cupcakes out of the oven at 11:45," Google will be sure to notify you.


But notifications that aren’t as urgent or don’t require immediate action will go right to the Notifications Center, where you can check them whenever is most convenient for you.


In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see these new notification changes roll out across Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home and many other Google apps. Try them out, your future self will thank you.


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Bigger widgets for iPad


iOS fans have told Google that their iPhone widgets are really useful for accessing your favorite Google apps and features. Now, Google is bringing them to the iPad in a big way.


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In the coming weeks, Google Photos and YouTube Music will roll out extra large versions of their popular widgets so you can easily access some of your best Memories and favorite music on your iPad Home Screen.


Easier access to Google on iOS


We’ve already made it easy to find what you need in Google Drive using Spotlight. And starting today, if you search for your favorite song in Spotlight, you can start playing it directly in YouTube Music.


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