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Apple's M1 processor put PC chip makers Intel and AMD under pressure to explain how Apple was able to leap frog the industry in terms of raw power and battery life. On defense, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) says it retains the industry's competitive edge despite the debut of Apple’s M1 CPU last year.


David McAfee, Corporate VP, Product Management and Marketing at AMD stated in a recent interview that "When we look at our roadmap going forward, I think we have a very competitive roadmap against what Apple is doing." Not what Intel is doing, but what Apple is doing. That's quite an admission from a corporate VP. It speaks volumes of the impact Apple's M1 has had on the industry. Qualcomm's CEO has also made an announcement last month that they plan to challenge the M1 next year.


A new report by the Indian Express today notes that "When Apple introduced its new Mac lineup with the ARM-based M1 processor in November, experts hailed the move as a masterstroke against established chip makers like Intel and AMD. Apple’s move to ditch the Intel x86 architecture over the in-house ARM-based processor for its future Mac computers was seen as the emergence of the new battle for chip supremacy between Intel, AMD and Cupertino giant.


AMD's David McAfee added in the interview that "What Apple has done is that they have taken a different approach to design a chip. Their approach is something that has strong, single-threaded CPU performance that is right there with the Zen 3 series processor."


Although McAfee lauded AMD’s recent efforts to retain supremacy in the chip development space, he did welcome what the M1 CPU brings to the table. "I would say the biggest innovation Apple has brought into the ecosystem is the battery life and power efficiency that comes from the heritage of the mobile handset space and kind of taking it into the PC space from a mobile handset design methodology."


The battery performance of the M1 even stunned Apple's VP of marketing Bob Borchers, when testing out the M1. He thought that the battery indicator was broken. That's how stunning it was.


The Indian Express report further noted that Intel’s 7nm chip will only arrive in the market in 2023, meaning the company is already behind the competition. AMD, which gets its chips fabricated at TSMC, currently supplies Ryzen processors to PC OEMs built from 7 nanometer (nm) transistors. The node advantage is there, because, by the time Intel brings its 7nm chips to the market, AMD will be ahead by a few product generations with 3nm coming online in 2022. For more on this, read the Indian Express.


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