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In Q2-21 Apple Sold More iPads than all Chromebooks Sold by an Army of Vendors

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The second quarter of 2021 (2Q21) was another strong quarter for tablets despite a challenging year-over-year comparison. According to preliminary data from IDC, the tablet segment still managed to grow 4.2% year over year with shipments totaling 40.5 million units.


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2 Q2-21 - Tablet shipments - IDC Report


The majority of the IDC report was dedicated to Chromebooks with HP being the number one OEM with 4.3 million units shipped, or one-third of what Apple sold in iPads. In fact, Apple sold more iPads than all Chromebooks sold for the quarter.


3 X Chromebook Stats Q2-21

Smartphone Stats for Q2-21


Patently Apple posted a report Yesterday titled "Two Smartphone Analytical Reports published today for Q2-21 are Miles apart on Apple's Growth." Canalys only credited Apple with 1% growth while Strategy Analytics listed Apple as delivering 15.3%. We noted in yesterday's report the Canalys report was out to lunch.


Late yesterday, IDC's smartphone report settled the confusion by listing Apple with 17.8% Year-over-Year growth for iPhone shipments.


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4 idc Q2-21 smartphone shipments


10.0F1 - Apple Market Statistics Bar


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