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According to a new supply chain report, South Korea board maker BH will be supplying over half of the rigid flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCB) used in Apple’s 2022 iPhones launching in September.


Korean tech site The Elec claims that "BH will be supplying mid-50% of the board used, while Samsung Electro-Mechanics will supply 30%. Youngpoong Electronics will supply mid-10% of the boards used.


RFPCB is used to connect the main board to the OLED panel. Being rigid and flexible allows vendors such as Apple to design their phones easier. The boards also sends electric signals faster. It is more expensive component than FPCB.


BH is supplying more to Apple this year as Samsung Electro-Mechanics is planning to exit the business within the next year.


This means BH could be supplying up to 70% of the RFPCB used in Apple’s iPhones launching in 2022. Youngpoong could also see its supply increase by up to 30%."


Lastly, the report noted that "Other PCB makers could enter Apple’s supply chain from the vacuum left by Samsung Electro-Mechanics as well. Interflex previously supplied RFPCB to Apple for iPhone X’s OLED panel and touch screen panel back in 2017. But the Korean firm was removed from Cupertino’s suppliers list due to defects in its boards."


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