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1 cover  Apple granted patent for Generating body pose information


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that relates to a head HMD's neural network training system that generates body pose information to produce accurate avatar movements. Today an avatar or a Memoji is limited to a user's face. In the future, avatars will include a user's body. To better understand Apple's patent a little better in the bigger picture, think back to Apple's 2019 acquisition of IKinema and what they were bring to Apple as presented in the TED presentation below from Vancouver, Canada.   



In Apple's patent background they state that head-mountable devices (HMDs) present immersive CGR experiences to a user of the HMD. Some CGR experiences require knowing a body pose of the user. For example, some CGR experiences present an avatar of the user that mimics the behavior of the user. If the user moves a portion of their body, the avatar moves the corresponding portion.


In such CGR experiences, presenting accurate avatars requires knowing a body pose of the user. In some CGR experiences, the CGR experience is altered based on the body pose of the user. For example, as the user moves, the scene being presented in the CGR experience changes. In such CGR experiences, providing a realistic CGR experience requires knowing a body pose of the user.


Apple's patent FIG. 1B below is a block diagram of an example body pose determiner that's a part of neural network training system #180.; FIG. 5A is a diagram of example operating environment.


2 apple granted patent figs generating body pose


For deeper details, review Apple's granted patent 11,062,476. Two of the five engineers on today's patent came to Apple via their acquisition of Metaio.


Apple is apparently working on different levels of future avatar moment technology with the one from IKinema that may be reserved for future Apple TV+ productions and/or for game creation. Today's invention is likely closer to the technology behind Memoji acquired from Face Shift.


The image below is also related to mapping out a user body by key points for creating AR apps. This technology came to Apple via Camerai, another Israeli company Apple acquired last year.


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3 mapping body movements


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