IAC's CEO is pushing Barry Diller's agenda of Bashing Apple by stating that they have a Monopoly and are worse than Google
While LG began selling iPhones & iPads on its Online Shopping Mall this week, iDevices coming to their 400 retail stores may be on hold

Apple has released a new Ad promoting the iPhone 12's Night Mode and more

1 cover iPhone 12 Pro  in the dark


Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max with Night Mode produces unbelievable Selfies at night with ease using its advanced LiDAR Scanner. Night mode on Ultra Wide gives users more detailed, more colorful low-light photos. The iPhone 12 Pro offers Night mode portraits. Apple's latest ad presented below puts the emphasis on Night mode as a must have feature. In fact, a feature that could quickly become very addictive.  



When introducing iPhone 12, Apple stated: "Our tight integration of hardware and software enables incredible computational photography features like the expansion of Night mode to more cameras, and introduces support for HDR video with Dolby Vision. A state-of-the-art LiDAR Scanner means users can experience AR like never before, and also offers benefits to the camera with faster autofocus in low light and the introduction of Night mode portraits on pro models. These experiences and so much more make this the best iPhone lineup ever."

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2b Night Mode on iPhone 12 Pro Max with LiDAR Scanning


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