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An incident causing some production line shutdowns at TSMC's 5nm Plant will have no significant impact on operations

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It's being reported by United Daily News (UDN) in Taiwan that the TSMC Nanke 18a plant that produces 5nm processors reported a process incident that shut down "some" production lines which weren't identified as being specifically related to Apple.  


The incident involved a large amount of moisture entering the plant through the back entrance of the plant where freight trucks enter the factory. The moisture created a gas contamination issue. TSMC was clear to point out that there were no other abnormalities such as environmental protection, industrial safety issues.


TSMC further stated that "This incident is currently known to have no significant impact on operations and will continue to be tracked in the future."


Due to the nature of the incident, by law TSMC had to report the shut down.


While TSMC downplayed the incident, the Nikkei Asia decided to sensationalize the matter in a new report today titled "TSMC reports gas contamination at key chip plant supplying Apple."


As with the UDN report, Reuters reported that an email from TSMC confirmed that the incident is to have no significant impact on operations. TSMC added in their statement that "To ensure that there will be no issues with production quality, TSMC is currently carrying out stringent follow-up operations."


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