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WWDC21: The Recap of Day 5 covers Safari 15's new Bar Tab Design, how to make Mac Apps with SwiftUI and much more

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For the final day at WWDC21, Apple's Serenity Caldwell provides us with one last look back on this incredible day—and week. Today, developers got to learn about how to create apps for research and care and discover how to design for Safari 15's tab bar and incorporate visual intelligence. Developers also got to explore how to make Mac apps with SwiftUI and say hello to CloudKit Console and much more.


You could dive into a great number of the developer presentations that were revealed on day 5 here and all of this week's in-depth videos here.  


Session Example: Design for Safari 15


Meet Safari 15: redesigned and ready to help people explore the web. Discover how you can approach designing websites and apps for Safari, and learn how to incorporate the tab bar in your designs. In this brief video highlight of this session, Apple's Jen Simmons, Web Technologies Evangelist, takes you through some of the features of Apple's new browser design.


Apple's all new browser design is almost radical. Whether this new design will accommodate those who love having 15+ tabs open at time is unknown at this time, but for casual users it's going to be a welcomed design shift from the past.



If this session brief interests you and want to learn more, then be sure to check out the full 33 minute video here. That page also provides helpful links to various resources.


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