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It's being reported in Taiwan this morning that TSMC is sprinting to have 3nm chips mass produced in the second half of 2022, a chip Apple will use for the iPhone 14. Related partners include Applied Materials and Synopsys today to simultaneously release and promote the progress of 3nm technology innovation.


Applied Materials said today that it has launched a new wiring engineering design method Endura Copper Barrier Seed IMS, which can enable advanced logic chips to be scaled down to 3nm nodes and smaller sizes.


At present, all major foundry logic customers in the world have already used the Endura Copper Barrier Seed IMS system. Yingcai has discussed more information about this system and other innovative logic chip miniaturization technologies in the 2021 Logic Master Class.


In addition, Synopsys has recently announced that for TSMC’s most advanced 3nm process technology, Synopsys’ digital and customized solutions have passed TSMC’s latest design-rule manual (DRM) and process design. Certification of process design kits. Based on years of extensive partnerships, the certification will provide jointly optimized tools, processes and methods to enable customers to achieve the maximum power consumption, performance and area (PPA) performance brought by the process, thereby accelerating a new generation of high performance Innovation in computing (HPC), mobile, 5G and AI chip design.


Suk Lee, deputy general manager of TSMC’s Design and Construction Management Office, said, "TSMC’s advanced technology requires a new level of EDA collaboration and innovation to achieve the high performance and low power consumption goals of 3nm process technology. We and Synopsys’ Long-term cooperation will help accelerate customers to obtain the advantages provided by TSMC’s latest process and maximize the benefits of TSMC’s latest process. Both of us will continue to work closely together for HPC, mobile, 5G and AI applications Achieve a new generation of design."


Earlier this year we reported that TSMC was working with "a partner" on introducing 3nm using 3DFabric, a new advanced chiplet design. TSMC also revealed that they're already working on a 3nn+ chip for 2023. Whether the introduction of 3DFabric will occur in 2022 or 2023 is unknown at this time.


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