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Prior to the official opening of Apple's new Tower Theatre store, Retail Chief Deirdre O’Brien told Reuters that Apple Inc is expanding retail operations as the United States emerges from the pandemic, betting that a combination of strategies developed before and during COVID-19 will make its stores more popular than ever.


Apple is doing this as the retail industry works out what the post-pandemic future will look like, including consumers who have become used to ordering almost everything online.


For Apple, the answer is keeping what helped it through the pandemic, and doubling down on its pre-pandemic strategy of in-store events and experiences beyond shopping.


For instance, the express counters that popped up to help customers more efficiently pick up online orders will now become regular features of Apple’s 500-plus stores around the world, all of which have reopened as of June 14.


O'Brien added that "The goal was really for speed, which is very different than what we usually experience in a retail store. We want to make sure that in that experience that they can come in, quickly get the product they want. But we do want to make sure that we can also have a quick conversation with them to make sure that they have everything they need."


Apple is also adding a new "Creative Studios" program, starting in Los Angeles and Beijing, that aims to teach young people from underrepresented communities to use Apple products to create music, films and photography. That adds to a broader array of classes based out of the stores designed to bring in customers in contact with Apple more frequently.


Lastly, Deirdre O’Brien said that they're "looking at this moment right now as a way to really begin again, and begin again in every way. For more, read the full Reuters report.


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