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Apple's display supplier BOE to start LTPO Display production in mid-to-late 2022 in the hopes of capturing more iPhone Business



In 2021, Samsung is expected to produce 110 million OLED panels for Apple while LG is to produce 50 million and BOE 9 million. Samsung is getting the bulk of Apple's order due to Apple adopting LTPO displays for their higher end iPhones this year that supports 120Hz refresh rates.


We're now learning that BOE is to start new OLED lines in October. Further, second and third stages will go live in March and October 2022 respectively. Two of their new plants are designed to manufacture both LTPS and low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) TFT OLEDs.


More importantly, the report notes that BOE will match Samsung Display’s capacity of 140,000 substrates per month and outpace LG which only has a capacity of 45,000 substrates per month.


Samsung Display is the world leader in OLED panels, and manufactures them at A3 and A4 Gent 6 OLED lines at its Asan plant. Its customer includes Samsung Electronics and Apple.


Whether BOE's big shift to LTPO displays beginning in 2022 will open more doors at Apple is unknown at this time. Obviously the shift to LTPO is to match Samsung and that could eventually allow BOE to gain more business from Apple over time.


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