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Apple will be boosting MacBook and AirPods 3 Production for H2-21 using the added capacity of a known Partner

1 x cover AirPods 3


A major Taiwanese bearing manufacturer by the name of Nikko Bearings will be working with Apple on MacBooks and AirPods in the second half of the year. Recently, Nikko has quickly increased its capacity utilization rate. The shipment momentum will be significantly stronger from the third quarter, according to a UDN report.


The report constantly refers to "New Nikko," which must be a division of Nikko Bearings.  New Nikko is a major notebook bearing manufacturer and most of the top notebook brands are its customers. It is also a major supplier of Apple AirPods charging boxes and AirPods Pro Max bearings.


The senior source estimates that MacBook shipments this year will reach 23 million units, an annual increase of 15%. It is expected that the new AirPods 3 will be launched in the second half of the year, and the overall shipments will reach 50-55 million units, an annual increase of 10 to 15%, leading to better operating conditions during peak seasons.


Towards the end of the report, it seemed to veer off-course discussing folding phone components with  a company by the name of "Nissei" which they claim possesses technological advantages. However, there wasn't a link in the report relating directly to Apple. In the bigger picture, if and when Apple enters the folding smartphone market, then "Nissei" could very well be a key Apple supplier. Though at present, there hasn't been a rumor of Apple entertaining a foldable iPhone for 2021.


For clarification, you could read the full UDN report here that will require you to use a  translation source.  


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