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1 cover Ireland folk march in support of Apple development in late 2018


In May 2018 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Officially Kills the Athenry Data Center in County Galway Ireland due to Delays in the Planning Approval Process." Then in Oct. 2018 we followed-up with a report titled "A Hardy Group of Irishman from Athenry attended a Rally today Supporting Apple's Proposed Data Center." There was 300 town folk marching in support of Apple's development knowing it meant jobs. The people were upset with the government dragging their feet in getting the Apple project approved. Apple didn't back down with the government and walked away from the project.


We're now learning that Apple has re-applied for planning permission to build a data center in Athenry, County Galway, as the deadline to deliver on the original plans for the site are nearing expiration.


2 Site in Ireland that Apple may still occupy


In October 2019, it emerged the site had been put up for sale, yet according to a filing on the Galway County Council planning portal, the site remains under the ownership of Apple Data Services, and an entity trading as Apple Distribution International filed an application on 14 June 2021 to request the planning permission deadline for the development be extended by five years.


“It is anticipated that the development will be completed within the extension period sought, i.e. by the 7 November 2026,” the filing states.


At the time of writing, the application is still being assessed by the local council, but the supporting documents state that an extension is being requested to give Apple more time to find a third-party to develop the site.


Specifically, the document states: "It is the applicant’s intention to support the provision of the consented works by identifying interested parties to develop the project and who can then proceed with he consented works within the relevant timeline." 


For more on this, read the full ComputerWeekly report.


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