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Apple has been Granted Six Design Patents in Hong Kong for AirTag Key Ring and Leather Loop

1 x cover AirTag accessory design patent report


Apple introduced AirTag on April 20, 2021. Apple expanded the 'Find My' ecosystem with AirTag, an iPhone accessory that provides a private and secure way to easily locate the items that matter most to iPhone users. Apple's AirTag Leather Loop Key Ring and Leather Loop designs have been granted patent in Hong Kong and our report presents a series of the design patent figures to view.  


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Hong Kong Design Patent: AirTag Key Ring .0M003


2 AirTag Accessory design patent Figures -  Hong Kong
2 AirTag Accessory design patent Figures -  Hong Kong


Hong Kong Patent Office Registration Form (In-Part)


(Click on image to Enlarge)

4 X Hong Kong Registered - Granted - Design Patent Form in-part 2017334.0M003


Apple's design patent was filed under Locarno Classification number 3-01 which basically covers "cases specifically designed for their contents, Keyholders" and more.


Although the design was registered or "granted" in late May, Apple secretly filed it in Hong Kong on December 12, 2020.


Variant Design AirTag Key Ring.0M001


Apple's design patent 2017334.0M001 presents a slight variance in the design that illustrates the depth of the ring hole.


5 Apple AirTag key chain design patent figures - Hong Kong .0M001


The third AirTag Keychain design patent .0M002 presented below is the same as .0M001 above, but only focuses on the bottom ring.


6 third AirTag design patent in hong kong .0M002

Design Patent: AirTag Leather Loop


Apple was also granted a design patent for the AirTag Leather Loop presented in the open position. See Apple's Accessories webpage to see the Loop in the closed position. The design was registered under the same Locarno Classification 3-01 as the others above.


7 - Apple AirTag Leather Loop design patent figures - Hong Kong Patent Office


There were two variable designs registered for the Leather Loop as noted below that emphasized the ring and the outline of the design.


8 - Variant designs for AirTag Leather Loop


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