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1 Project Titan - COVER -


Apple's Project Titan took a major leap forward in 2021 with major new hires. Starting in January we learned that Apple had been hiring "a string of key hires from Tesla." One of the hires was former Teslas Engineering VP Steve MacManus who reportedly leads a development group with several employees focused on car interiors, fabrics, car testing and vehicle manufacturing.  


A second major hire was revealed in February 2021 in our report titled "Apple has reportedly hired VP Product Line Cayenne Bei Porsche AG to Advance Apple's Electric Car Vision known as 'Project Titan'." Dr. Manfred Harrer was considered one of the best engineers in the Volkswagen Group.


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2 Dr. Manfred Harrer not at Apple


The European report that broke the news made the observation that the commitment of a chassis expert is a clear signal that Apple is developing a mobile pedestal for the iCar itself.


Usually when major hires such as the two noted above come on board, it's not unusual to see a shake up of sorts with the new VP's restructuring teams so as to advance a project as required. Today we're learning of a few engineers that have left Project Titan during this latest team shuffle.


Today Bloomberg reports that "In recent days, Dave Scott, who led teams working on robotics related to the car, left to become the chief executive officer at Hyperfine, a health care company developing next-generation MRI systems. Before Scott’s departure, Jaime Waydo, who led autonomous car safety and regulation teams, departed to become the chief technology officer at Cavnue, a startup focused on the safety of autonomous cars on public roads.


In February, Benjamin Lyon, who helped create Apple’s original car team several years ago and was key in the future project’s development, left to become the chief engineer at Astra, a company developing technology for sending satellites to space.


Such shake-ups are a natural business process and this one reported on today doesn't negatively reflect on Apple's Project Titan.


Currently, Apple's related Intellectual Property for Project Titan is ongoing at an incredible pace. For those interested in Project Titan, be sure to check out vast pool of patent reports here. Just yesterday we posted our latest granted patent report covering a next-gen windshield safety system designed for future vehicles.


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