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Digitimes is reporting today that Apple has amassed a group of 5 millimeter wave antenna suppliers, as Apple intends to expand millimeter wave antennas to more iPhone models in 2021. This was first predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo back in April. Kuo noted at the time that "It's expected that the proportion of millimeter wave models of the new iPhone (iPhone 13) released in the second half of 2021 will increase significantly to 55%-60%. For comparison, the proportion of the millimeter wave model of the iPhone 12 is about 30%-35%."


Apple has reportedly enlisted AT&S as a new supplier of BT-based AiP (antenna in package) substrates for new 5G mmWave iPhones to be released later in the year, expanding to five the number of suppliers of the substrates, according to industry sources.


The Austria-based maker, long a supplier of SLP (substrate-like PCB) mainboards and SiP (system in package) substrates for iPhones and other Apple devices, will join Semco, LG Innotek, Kinsus Interconnect Technology and Unimircon Technology to supply BT AiP substrates for the upcoming 5G mmWave iPhones, the sources said.


Apple is expected to sharply boost the ratio of 5G mmWave devices to 60% of its new iPhone lineup in 2021, with such models estimated to approach 90 million units, the sources said, adding that each mmWave iPhone will require four AiP modules, significantly driving up demand for AiP substrates.


The five substrate suppliers are expected to equally share the orders for AiP substrates, each to serve 20% of the demand, the sources said. But most of them have declined to comment on specific clients and orders. For more, read the full Digitimes report here.


On another front, Digitimes is now preparing a report on Apple seeking more SMT sources that will be posted tomorrow.


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