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Samsung and LG to Unveil next-gen Display Technology this week at the SID Event, with Samsung introducing a Tri-Fold for Smartphones+

1 cover tri-fold samsung next-gen foldable phone


In late October 2020 Patently Apple posted a report titled "New Samsung Patent Filings Reveal Larger Tri-Panel-Like Foldable Devices with Dual Hinges may be on the Horizon." Our cover graphic illustrates one of the patent figures from that patent.


Today at the SID Display (Society for Information Display) week event, Samsung and LG Display will be showing off their next-gen displays. One specific one of interest is from Samsung that will reportedly be called the 'S Foldable,' shows a tri-fold smartphone display as presented in the photo below.


2 samsung tri-fold phone


Samsung will also be showing off a 17-inch foldable panel that can be folded into 4 to 3 ratio in tablet mode and wider for monitor mode. In February Patently Apple posted a report titled Samsung wins a Design Patent for a Foldable Tablet Display that Industry Players like Dell, HP and others may use in new 2021-2022 Devices. In April we posted another patent report this time showing Microsoft's patent pertaining to a coming flexible display-based notebook.


At the event this week, Samsung Display will also be showing off its slidable/scrollable panel. The panel is smartphone sized that can extended on its side to become wider. Below is one Samsung Patent figure that was published in December 2018.


3 samsung scrollable  rollable smartphone


In addition, Samsung will reveal its under panel camera technology at the show, a feature that's been rumored to likely be coming to a future iPhone since 2019.  

4 iphone without a notch


Although LG dropped out of the smartphone business in April, their display business still thrives and remains an iPhone display partner. At the event, they'll be showing off their scrollable/rollable displays that first surfaced at this year's CES 2021.


LG Display will also show off its OLED on Silicon panel, which will be used for augmented reality.


Considering that Samsung and LG are Apple display partners, following their new developments could provide Apple fans with insight to displays that Apple may adopt in the future.


Over the weekend, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple could deliver a Future iPhone and AR Glasses with Insane Screen Resolutions up to 4,000ppi," that revealed major South Korean government projects to advance displays in 2024.


One of the projects led by Samsung is to develop an oxide TFT which will support electron movements ten times faster than it is currently available today.


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