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At Google I/O, the company attempted to Blur the Line with Apple on the Issue of user Privacy

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UPDATE: 1: 17 p.m. Privacy, Part 2 video now available


Google is out to blur the line with Apple and become an equal leader in keeping user data private, even with its ads. In an 8-minute segment on 'Privacy by Design,' Google's Jen Fitzpatrick, SVP Google Maps, walked through Google's commitment to privacy on multiple levels. From introducing new tools, initiating open sourcing projects and updating current tools like Password Manager.


One new tool presented is called 'Differential Privacy' that will ensure that a user's individual data could never be used by advertisers. To capture what Google's message is on privacy accurately, we're providing a video below that lays out their message.  


Jen Fitzpatrick on Privacy, Part 1



Suzanne Frey on Privacy, Part 2  


In second part of the Google I/O keynote, Suzanne Frey, VP, Engineering and Product at Google / General Manager, introduced privacy part 2. To blur the line further with Apple, Frey was quick to claim that "since 2017 Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy have continually received the highest security rating in Gartner's Annual Mobile OS Comparison Report. Simply put, the most secure devices run on Android and with Android 12 we're going even further to keep your information safe."  To learn more, review our video on this segment to get the details just right .



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