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Many years ago one of the the Mac Guy ads was titled "Get a Mac – Viruses." The PC guy at one point states: …there are 114 thousand known viruses for PCs. The Mac guy replies: "PC's not Macs." Well, that's what Mac customers were led to believe and perhaps at that point in time of the ad, it might have been true. But with Apple going from a company barely surviving to becoming the most successful and profitable PC company in the world, Macs are now targeted for Malware, big time, according to Apple's software chief.


Craig Federighi, Apple's SVP of Software Engineering took the stand yesterday at the Epic Games vs. Apple trial and testified that Apple isn't pleased with the amount of harmful malware is on its macOS.


More specifically, Federighi said the ability Apple gives users to install software from the internet on Mac computers is "regularly exploited" and that the iPhone’s operating system, iOS, has a "dramatically higher bar" for customer protection. "Today, we have a level of malware on the Mac that we don’t find acceptable and that is much worse than iOS."


Federighi added that "For iOS, we aspired to create something far more secure. All indications are that we have succeeded in doing so. He added that Apple found and removed about 130 different kinds of malware on Macs last year that had infected hundreds of thousands of user systems, compared with three kinds of malware that had infected iPhones.


Obviously the days of Macs being malware free like the Mac Guy ad promoted years ago is long gone with Federighi publicly killing the myth in court to justify the costs of keeping iOS safe in the App Store.


Although most Mac fans were painfully aware of Malware being a reality on Macs today, hearing Federighi throw macOS under the bus so as to make a point in court yesterday was an odd eye opening moment.


On Friday, Apple's CEO is expected to take the stand to defend the company's policies demanding that all apps meet guidelines from the company before they're allowed to be made available to the public.


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