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Apple has Filed for new Trademarks in Hong Kong and U.S. including one for their San Francisco Symbols App Icon

1 cover  SF SYMBOLS  TM report


In the last week Apple legal has filed trademarks for 'StoreKit' and the San Francisco 'SF Symbols' App Icon in both the United States and Hong Kong.


Apple's Files Trademark Applications for 'StoreKit'


2 x StoreKit USPTO TM application in-part

Apple's StoreKit is a developer framework that supports in-app purchases and interactions with the App Store. The trademark was filed under International Class 009 covering "downloadable application development software; downloadable computer software used in developing other software."


Apple also filed for this trademark in Hong Kong under number 305624082 under the same International Class 009.


Apple's Files for 'SF Symbols' App Icon Trademark


3x icon SF Symbols app

SF symbols are icon sets that Apple designed to work with their system font. Apple's developer page states: "With over 2,400 configurable symbols, SF Symbols is designed to integrate seamlessly with San Francisco, the system font for Apple platforms. Each symbol comes in a wide range of weights and scales that automatically align with text labels, and supports Dynamic Type and the Bold Text accessibility feature." Developers could download the SF Symbols 2.1 app from this page.


Apple filed for the SF Font Symbols App icon in both the U.S. and Hong Kong. In the U.S., the application is found under number 90704417 and in Hong Kong under 305622408.



Apple filed their trademark under International Class 009 covering "Downloadable computer software used in developing other software applications; Downloadable computer software used in creating, developing, generating, displaying, and printing computer software user interfaces, menus, toolbars, navigation bars, and graphics."


It should be noted that International trademark classes that Apple files their trademarks under are important as the trademark registration will only protect those classes that have been identified in their original application. In a legal battle, the classes filed for originally could make or break a legal case.


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