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As the second-wave of COVID subsides, Apple opens all 270 Stores in the U.S. to some degree

1 Cover COVID cases in the USA Subsiding


The online daily COVID statistics chart for the U.S. shows that the peak of the second wave of COVID reached 280278 new cases on January 7, with a 7 day average being 237,662 cases. The latest stats shown on the chart today shows that on February 28, the cases fell dramatically to 50,925 with a 7-day average at 67,868. With that news, Apple Inc decided to open all 270 of their U.S. Stores. It’s the first time that all U.S. stores are open since Apple started closing stores in response to the Covid-19 pandemic last spring, an Apple spokesperson confirmed.


To clarify, not all Apple stores in the U.S. are fully open for walk-in customers to go inside and browse, however.


Customers should check Apple’s website before heading to their store in case it is appointment-only or service is limited in other ways.


The news of the openings found on by CNBC was first reported on this morning by 9to5Mac.


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