Intel's new CEO announced plans today to Spend $20 Billion on two new Chip plants in Arizona to Challenge TSMC & Samsung
Apple was Granted a Series of U.S. Design Patents Yesterday for an Apple Watch GUI, Beats Earphones and more

Apple won 64 Patents today covering High-Performance LiDAR sensors Related to Project Titan and more

1 Project Titan - COVER -


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 64 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we briefly cover a different kind of LiDAR sensor that could possibly target scenes hundreds of meters away. While the patent doesn't list the targeted device, the distant measured in hundred of meters would strongly suggest that this patent relates to Project Titan, Apple's vehicle project.


Further, Apple's optic engineering lead Ariel Lipson notes in his LinkedIn profile: "Currently focusing on the future of cars - Optical systems for automated driving and driverless vehicles. Research and development of novel 3D Lidar systems and unique camera designs."


According to the patent, the new LiDAR sensors will enable high-speed, high-resolution optical scanners with high bandwidth, low dark noise, and reduced potential for damage and saturation.


Apple's granted patent 10,955,531 titled "Focal region optical elements for high-performance optical scanners" is yet another highly technical patent that could be reviewed here.  


The invention appears to have been a collaborative effort between Apple engineers in both California and Israel as presented below:


Ariel Lipson: Optics Engineering Lead (Israel)

Noel Axelrod: Advanced Technology Researcher (Israel)

Robert Upton: Senior Research Optical Engineer (Cupertino)

Andrew Sutton: Technologies Development Engineers (from photons to bits – Cupertino)


The Remaining Patents Granted to Apple Today


3 -  Apple's Remaining Granted Patents for Mar 23  2021

Today's Full Granted Patent Reports


01: Apple was Granted Two Patents today relating to Time-of-Flight based LiDAR coming to 2021 Pro iPhones

02: Apple Won Two Mixed Reality Headset Patents today covering a 'Scene Camera' and an 'Adjustable Lens' System

03: Apple wins 3 MacBook patents covering a Retractable Keys System, the use of Magnetic Sensors & Selective Keyboard Backlighting

04: Apple has been granted a patent for Folding Devices with Geared Hinges

05: A LuxVue Patent that Apple acquired covering a module package with an array of LEDs was granted its 6th Patent since 2013


10.52FX - Granted Patent Bar


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