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In a new report by Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he covers the benefits from long-term camera lens specification upgrade cycle with the new application trends and five potential bullish in the short-term trends.


A Taiwanese report pointed to Kuo issuing his latest report on Largan's lens business trend. He emphasized that even if Largan is facing the impact of Huawei's mobile phone ban, the long-term investment value remains unchanged. At the same time, Largan has five potential advantages in the short- and medium-term trends.


Kuo said that Apple’s MR/AR helmets will use 15 camera modules, which will significantly drive the amount of lens. Largan is the main supplier of camera lenses. The estimated supply proportion is about 60% or more. It is expected that Largan will be significantly affected. benefit.


Kuo believes that Largan will be the biggest winner of Apple’s replacement of the new iPhone Face ID transmitter (Tx) lens material with plastic in the second half of this year. The supply proportion is higher than that of Yujingguang. In addition, Largan has entered the VCM market. This will help to secure an order for the design of a new iPhone integrated lens next year.


Kuo further stated that the new high-end iPhone telephoto lens may be upgraded from 6P to 7P in the second half of next year.


Largan's current telephoto lens orders account for about 90%, and it is expected that it will be the biggest beneficiary manufacturer under this trend. In addition, Kuo pointed out that Largan is expected to increase the market share of the 5P ultra-wide-angle lens for the iPhone this year from 50% to 70~80%.


Kuo emphasized that the 8P lens is predicted to be widely adopted by mobile phone brands from the second half of next year to the first half of 2323.


In addition, the iPhone is expected to adopt a periscope telephoto lens in 2023. In the long-term lens specification upgrade cycle and new application trends, the company is optimistic. 


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