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1 cover Q4 Apple iPhone dominance


Although we've reported on Apple dominance of the global smartphone market in Q4 2020 twice this year (01 & 02), a new report today includes a nicely laid out infographic covering Q4 2020 that some may appreciate.


Quick Q4-20 observations on the smartphone market:


  • Global smartphone market shipments declined 1.6% YoY but grew 8% QoQ to reach 394.6 million units in Q4 2020.
  • India’s smartphone market, having met much of the pent-up and holiday season demand, declined 11% QoQ but grew 17% YoY.
  • Apple displaced Samsung as the world’s top smartphone brand with a 21% share of the market, thanks to the exceptional performance of its 5G-enabled iPhone 12 series.
  • While Apple performed exceptionally in all markets, it predictably did best in North America and Europe, its key markets.
  • Apple retained its top spot in North America and captured it in Europe with 65% and 31% shares respectively in these markets.


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2 Q4 2020 smartphone market - jumbo infographic


Apple's glaring weakness in the Latin American market may change over the next few years. Apple expanded their Board of Directors back in January by bringing Monica Lozano on on to their team who was described as a trailblazer in Hispanic media and business. During Apple's last financial conference call, Apple's CEO has commented at one point in the Q&A session that in respect to Latin America, "There's lots of opportunity ahead of us there."


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