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TSMC Plans to Expand 5nm Production by 70% for iPhone 12S & Mac Core Processors + Ramp Up 3nm Plant Construction

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It's being reported today in Taiwan that TSMC is planning to increase its 5-nanometer wafer production capacity to 120,000 wafers per month this year, an increase of 70% from the end of last year. These chips are currently used in the latest 5G-capable iPhone 12 series and new Mac core processors.


With Apple's needs rapidly expanding, we're learning today that TSMC is eager to build its next-gen 3nm factory in Nanke, Taiwan. So much so that TSMC has reportedly informed the builders that it will pay generous bonuses and require most of its workers to take only two days off during the Lunar New Year and start work early. TSMC's Nanke 3 nanometer plant is scheduled to start mass production in the second half of 2022.


A construction industry executive familiar with the expansion plan said: "We have received a notice from TSMC to give workers who are willing to work during the Lunar New Year period 4,000 yuan per person per day (US$143.00).  This is at least twice the average daily salary of frontline workers."


The person familiar with the matter said: "Even if there are only about a few days of extra construction time during the holidays, they don't want to stop work completely. This shows that they are working hard to accelerate construction and development and have confidence in future demand."


Apple will be the first to adopt 3nm processors in iDevices and Macs in 2022 that uses TSMCs advanced 3DFabric Technology. In 2023, it's been reported that Apple will be the first to adopt TSMCs '3nm Plus' chip.


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