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Rumor Claims that China's BOE will gain more iPhone OLED Business in 2021



The mainland panel leader BOE joined forces with GIS-KY, a touch panel manufacturer under Hon Hai Group, in a bid to expand their supply of displays for Apple iPhones.


Last year GIS had organized a team of 100 engineers to jointly develop OLED panels with BOE. The joint effort paid off as BOE will become one of the main suppliers of OLED for Apple's next-gen iPhones. It's being reported that GIS has now signed an exclusive supply contract for OLED touch modules with BOE.


In the past, the OLED panels of the iPhone were mainly supplied by two major Korean factories, Samsung and LGD, with Samsung being the largest. The increase in the share of BOE’s supply of iPhone means that its position in Apple’s supply chain has improved, and OLED technology has been closer to that of major South Korean manufacturers. In the future, it is expected to obtain more orders from brand manufacturers, which is a big plus for BOE’s cooperating factories.


Korean media reported that BOE will expand its share of orders for OLED panels for the new iPhone. For this reason, BOE is currently preparing to set up a Fab B11 factory in Mianyang that specializes in the production of iPhone 13 OLED displays. Source


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