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Australia's CPC Patent Technologies Pty Ltd. has sued Apple for patent infringement. The company claims that iPhones and iPads equipped with Face or Touch ID infringe upon three of their patents.


All three patents were "acquired" from Securicom for the purpose of suing Apple, which makes CPC Patent Technologies a Patent Troll or nonpracticing entity or nonproducing entity (NPE).


Their filing with the court states that "The products accused of infringing their patents 9,269,208 and’ 9,665,705 include iPhones and iPads equipped with Touch or Face ID (“the Secure Access Accused Products”). The products accused of infringing their 8,620,039 Patent include the Secure Access Accused Products equipped with Apple Card loaded into the iPhone Wallet ("the Secure Pay Accused Products").


For more details, read the Plaintiff's full complaint filed with the court in the SCRIBD document below, courtesy of Patently Apple.


CPC Patent Technologies v Apple by Jack Purcher


10.4F - Patently Legal


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