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On mid-December Patently Apple posted a report titled "Riot Damage to Wistron's Indian Plant may reach $US7.1 Million as investigators seek answers as to why non-Wistron rioters were involved." Days later we posted a follow-up report titled "The Indian Government finds Wistron guilty of serious labor violations at their iPhone Plant but investigating possible 'Middlemen' Scam."




Two months later and Apple's manufacturing partner Wistron Corp. will begin hiring workers and restart operations again in its Narasapura factory outside Bangalore. Appleā€™s teams and independent auditors have been working with Wistron over the past eight weeks to put the necessary systems and processes in place.


According to an email statement that sent out earlier today Apple added that "A comprehensive set of corrective actions has now been completed and Wistron has restructured their recruiting team and enhanced training and support for workers. Wistron remains on probation and we will monitor their progress closely."


Apple had suspended new orders to Wistron in December after workers who had been hired on monthly pay of about $200 stormed the factory and rioted over unpaid salaries, destroying furniture and equipment leading to losses worth millions of dollars.


Reportedly all workers in the facility will undergo a new training program to ensure they understand their rights and how to raise concerns, Apple said in the statement. For more, read the full Bloomberg report.


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