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China's BOE and Luxvisions Innovation Technology have entered Apple's iPhone 12 Supply Chain

1 X cover BOE & Luxvisions


On Christmas day Patently Apple posted a report titled "A Report from China claims that BOE has Officially Passed Apple's Certification and is set to begin OLED shipments in early 2021." Today a Korean Tech site has reported that both BOE and Luxvisions have entered Apple’s supply chain.


The Korean report claims that Luxvisions Innovation Technology has acquired Apple’s front camera supplier Cowell E Holdings. The the acquisition will help Luxvisions become the top front camera module supplier of Apple immediately.


Recent moves by BOE and Luxvisions indicate that Chinese companies have started to chase after South Korean companies that have been dominating markets for displays with high values and relevant parts.


According to industry sources, BOE will begin supplying OLED display panels to Apple for the iPhone 12 this coming Thursday. It is understood that BOE received a final approval from Apple at the end of last month.


Now Samsung Display and LG Display will have to compete against BOE in order to obtain future orders from Apple, but they also have to compete against BOE to obtain orders from other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, OPPO, VIVO, and Xiaomi.


BOE is the biggest display manufacturer in China that has grown rapidly with support from the Chinese Government.


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