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On the eve of International Education Day, the "Supplier Employee Education and Development Program (SEED)" led by Apple has joined hands with Foxconn and Yecheng GIS-KY (under Hon Hai Group), to continue to assist employees in building smart manufacturing skills that cover coding, computer numerical control (CNC) technology and robotics. More than 4 million employees have benefited from the program over the years.


Lu Media reported that Apple’s vice president and managing director of Greater China Ge Yue recently went to Shenzhen, China, to attend the SEED course. She pointed out that people are at the cored of everything we do and we must consider not only the users of the product, but also the employees who create the product.


Smart manufacturing is going to be one of the hot trends of our time and employees fear it will lead to loss of jobs. Apple’s SEED project believes that by cooperating with suppliers to plant seeds through training, it will allow future employees to learn the required labor skills needed in the smart manufacturing era.


Hon Hai Group is Apple’s largest manufacturing partner. A large number of employees from Foxconn and touch module factory Yecheng GIS-KY, have participated in this project. Some of the course made available to employees include learning English, IT-related courses and life skills training. In 2018, Apple began offering courses in Swift coding. The  Foxconn Chengdu Campus added the course in 2019.


In addition, Apple's SEED plan also offers four major professional certifications, including iPhone repair, computer numerical control (CNC) technology, robotics and electrical services.


Apple's SEED program is currently available in 25 operating points in China. Every quarter, Apple will review and update SEED program courses together with suppliers. Since 2008, more than 4 million employees have benefited from this project.


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