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Video of Apple's CEO speaking at the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit earlier today

1 x cover tim Cook on Climate Change(Click on image to Enlarge)


Earlier today Apple's CEO Tim Cook spoke at the United Nations’ Climate Ambition Summit and called on governments and businesses to implement stronger climate targets starting next year.  


According to prepared remarks, Cooks stated: "We call on companies and governments around the world to do all we can to make 2021 the year we turn the corner for good."


Reuters UK further noted that "Cook did not call for specific goals during his remarks but disclosed that Apple is assisting 95 of its suppliers to transition to renewable energy, up from a figure of 70 disclosed in July. The iPhone maker earlier this year said it has become carbon-neutral for its corporate operations and set out plans to make its full supply chain and product lineup carbon-neutral by 2030."


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2 tim Cook Climate Ambition Submit 2020


To hear Tim Cook's brief Speech, advance the video below to the 2:38:52 mark.




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