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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has Granted Apple's Motion to Suspend a Trademark Dispute with 'Super Healthy Kids' for 30 days

1 cover - Apple v Prepear


Apple has "suspended" proceedings again "Super Healthy Kids Inc." for 30 days, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If not resolved, the case will proceed on January 23 2021.


Back in August Patently Apple covered Apple v. 'Super Healthy Kids' in two reports. The first report  was titled "Shame on Apple Legal for Tarnishing the Company's 'Good Guy' Image by being a Heartless Bully in opposing the logo of a small business." The second report was titled "Apple Ruthlessly Extends their Opposition to a Green Pear Logo by filing new opposition with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office."


As you could see by our cover graphic, the 'Pear" bares absolutely no resemblance to Apple's logo. With Apple's fame around the world, no one would ever confuse a green pear with Apple's black or white logo, clearly an apple. The couple and founders of "Super Healthy Kids", noted below, who own the pear logo, presented their side the argument in a report found here


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2 owners of Prepear


For more details on Apple's granted motion, read the full document made public by the U.S. Patent Office below.



The USPTO document noted above was first revealed by MacRumors.


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