Rumor: Apple to Adopt (LPTO) Displays for Top top end 2021 iPhones that will Deliver 120Hz Refresh Rate & more
Rumor claims that Apple may have signed on with Win Semiconductor's new Business Model for Future RF Components

Samsung to Launch 4 Foldable Smartphones in 2021 and their first Scrollable-Style phone in 2022 that may use a new Hinge System

1 cover scrollable samsung device patent figure


As we're only weeks away from welcoming in 2021, a series of smartphone reports have been posted today that are revving up the news of what we could expect from some of the smartphone players in 2021.


The first report that we posted on this subject was titled "Apple Supplier LG will Reportedly Launch two Scrollable Styled Smartphones in H1 2021 as the Trend gains Momentum." The second report was titled "Rumor: Apple to Adopt (LPTO) Displays for Top top end 2021 iPhones that will Deliver 120Hz Refresh Rate & more."


In this third report we cover a rumor report claiming that Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce four foldable smartphone models in H2 2020. The company plans to release two Galaxy Z Fold3 (tentative name) models and two Galaxy Z Flip2 (tentative name) models. Galaxy Z Fold3 is the successor to Galaxy Z Fold2 that opens side to side and it will be a model that targets the global market and the Chinese market. Both models will be supporting 5G.


2 - 2 styles of samsung foldables


Galaxy Z Flip2 will be available in high-end and general models. Both of the Galaxy Z Flip2 models will support 5G but have different performance and features.


Oppo and LG are planning to beat Samsung to market with phones described by different OEMs as scrollable, rollable and stretchable smartphones in 2021. The S. Korean report claims that Samsung has hinted to them that they'll be releasing the scrollable smartphone sometime in the 2022-2023 time frame.


Samsung Patent Reveals new Multi-Link Hinge


A recent Samsung patent discovered by Patently Apple has revealed that Samsung is working on a new kind of hinge system for both their flip and fold styled smartphones and/or tablets. Whether the new hinge will make it to market in 2021 is unknown considering that patents don't always come to market on cue.


However, in the face of new form factors challenging their folding phones in 2021, such as the dual display Microsoft's Duo and Oppo and LG's scrollable devices, Samsung needs to find a refined, lighter, less-bulky hinge foldable form factor to keep folding phones viable and appealing.  


In Samsung's December 10th patent application 20200387195 they reveal their latest hinge system that first focuses on their folding flip-styled smartphone.  


3 x samsung flip phone with different hinge system


The second set of patent figures illustrates that the new hinge system could end up on  their future foldable tablets that they're working on.  


4 samsung new hinge system to extend to foldable tablets


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