Apple Wins Patent for Next-Gen HomePod with Camera System that includes Gaze Controls & Long-Range Face ID
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Apple Wins Major Mixed Reality Headset Patent that uncovers new layers of Deep Gaze & Retina Technologies

1 x COVER gaze technology


In 2018 major revelations unfolded regarding Apple's future mixed reality Head Mounted Headset (HMD) in at least 3 major patent filings (0102 & 03) that were mind boggling in scope covering entertainment, work, and autonomous vehicles.  Their fourth HMD patent in this series, that was published in 2019, has now been granted to Apple by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The patent covers a wide range of future HMD features including various aspects of their all-important gaze control system, a retinal projector, a video processing engine, sensors covering in-air 3D hand gesturing, face gesturing and more.


Apple's granted patent FIG. 1 presented below illustrates an example system environment in which video data captured at a wearable device may be pre-filtered using a multi-layer low pass filter and compressed prior to transmission to a processing engine.


2 gaze control patent granted


Apple's patent is quite detailed as you can imaging. For more details and patent figures, review our 2019 report on this advanced HMD system here or Apple's granted patent 10,861,142.  


10.52FX - Granted Patent Bar


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