Israeli Spyware, possibly used by the Saudi Arabian Government, was able to target iPhones of Al-Jazeera journalists
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Apple TV+ Continues their 'Conversations with a Real Spy' Ad Campaign for 'Tehran' Series with a new segment titled 'Life of a Woman Spy'

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Apple is currently running a series of new promotional videos for the second season of the Apple TV+ series 'Tehran." The first ad ran last Wednesday, in-part titled 'Conversations with a Real Israeli Spy,' followed a second ad that was published last Friday in-part titled 'How Spies use Fear.' Today Apple is running their third ad, in-part titled 'Life of a Woman Spy.'


Apple notes that "A spy pays attention to the smallest of details. Those details can determine a mission’s success. Listen to a real former spy, Orna Klein discuss the importance of awareness for undercover agents."



In an unrelated story posted today, Israeli spyware, reportedly used by a foreign government such as Saudi Arabia, was used to spy on Al Jazeera journalists.


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