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Apple has won their Second Patent covering a Next-Gen MacBook with 2-Way Charging Capabilities & Removable Magnetic Keyboard

1 Cover Macbook with wireless charger with wrist and palm biometrics + touch id


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a second patent regarding a possible futuristic MacBook that includes a transparent, dielectric input surface integrated with the enclosure of the device that could be formed at least partially from glass, ceramic and/or a plastic. The design will allow the face of the MacBook to support either a virtual keyboard or a physical keyboard that could magnetically align and attach to the keyboard area. The keys would also be able to receive touch inputs so that the user could draw a line or other figure simply by touching the screen in touch mode.


The revolutionary design would also allow for reverse charging so that an iPhone or Apple Watch could be charged when the MacBook is inactive while a user is at lunch or charging at night. New biometrics being considered include palmprint recognition.  


With this next-gen MacBook having a glass input surface also means that the MacBook could take on completely new interfaces beyond a keyboard and trackpad, as you can see in patent FIG. 48F below.


2 apple patent figs for new MacBook features including a dual display model


Apple's patent FIGS. 48A/B/C/E below depict examples of a user applying their finger in various ways on the keyboard and having it appear on the display of the MacBook so that they could make a quick line or a curved line or draw a box and so forth in a program like Apple's "Pages."


3 apple wins patent for Macbook's new features


For more details, you could review our previous report or Apple's granted patent 10,871,828 for finer details.


10.52FX - Granted Patent Bar


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