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Apple has a new Launch@Apple mentorship program that's designed for first-generation college students, with the program set to launch in early 2021. It's aimed at first-generation college freshmen and sophomores who are majoring in finance, mathematics, economics, business, data analytics, and accounting.


Students must be in their first or second year of college with a parent or legal guardian who has not obtained a college degree. Students must want to learn about finance in a "fast-paced, innovative environment" and must be intending to major in one of the accepted disciplines.


Apple is accepting applications through Friday, January 8, 2021, and students who want to participate must provide details on school, GPA, resume, and more, and are required to answer personal questions on life challenges, why they should be accepted, and what gives them joy. Applications must be sent to [email protected].


The SCRIBD doc was first set by MacRumors

For more on this, read the full MacRumors report that claims that Apple hasn't made this program public yet.


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