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Apple announces that Cardio Fitness Notifications & 'Apple Fitness+' are available starting today

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Earlier today Apple posted two announcements regarding Cardio Fitness Notifications and Apple Fitness+.  In the first, Apple states that Apple Watch can now monitor and classify cardio fitness, a strong predictor of overall health and with iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2, Apple Watch users can view their cardio fitness level in the Health app on iPhone, and receive a notification on Apple Watch if it falls within the low range. Breakthrough technology released in watchOS 7 allows Apple Watch to easily measure low cardio fitness, and today cardio fitness notifications empower users to be more active for dramatic long-term health benefits.


Cardiorespiratory fitness, as measured by VO2 max, is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise, and it can be increased through physical activity. Apple Watch already estimates average and higher levels of VO2 max during vigorous outdoor walks, runs, or hikes, which many runners and other athletes monitor to improve performance.


Now, with watchOS 7, Apple Watch uses multiple sensors, including the optical heart sensor, GPS, and the accelerometer, to estimate lower levels, too. This is significant because direct measurement of VO2 max typically requires a rigorous clinical test with specialized equipment that is not readily accessible to most people. watchOS 7 also allows Apple Watch to take cardio fitness measurements as users walk throughout the day, whether or not they are tracking a workout. With this innovation, Apple Watch is better able to measure VO2 max for users with low cardio fitness, who may not complete high-intensity workouts. For more on this, read Apple's full press release here.


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In Apple's second announcement that state that the new 'Apple Fitness+,' the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch, is available today, bringing inclusive and welcoming studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV so users can work out anytime, anywhere.


Fitness+ intelligently and seamlessly incorporates key workout metrics users love from Apple Watch directly to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV alongside inspiring workout content for an unparalleled, highly personalized, immersive experience, set to motivating music from the world’s top artists.


Whether users are looking for a daily routine, want to try something new, know what they like to do, or are just getting started, Fitness+ offers workouts for everyone from a team of celebrated, charismatic, and passionate trainers who are specialists in their fields, and are inspired to coach all levels, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. All of the workouts also include a trainer demonstrating modifications, so there’s always someone to follow, no matter a user’s ability. For more details, read our earlier report on this from last week. 


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